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Telenor Internet Packages - | Daily | weekly | Monthly | 2021

Telenor Internet Package Daily, 3 Days, Weekly and Monthly

Telenor is the largest network in Pakistan. Telenor is a multinational company. It provides a lot of services in Pakistan. Telenor is one of the world's largest mobile telecommunication companies. Telenor provides the best services in Scandinavia and Asia. As discussed Telenor Provide a variety of Internet Packages for its valued customers. Today I will share All updated Telenor Internet packages here. As we all know, Telenor introduces Many Packages like the Daily internet package, Weekly Internet package, 3 Days internet package and Monthly internet package. Here you can find all types of Internet Packages.

Telenor Internet Package

Telenor Daily Internet Packages

Telenor introduces Internet package on daily basis. You can find a lot of Daily base services provided by Telenor. If you are a Telenor user you can appreciate Telenor Daily social Packages. Here you can find Telenor Daily Internet bundles. Select a suitable package for you and enjoy Telenor Internet services

Telenor Daily Internet Package

Daily Social Pack Rs. 1.50 incl. tax 50 MB Click Here
Raat Din Offer Rs. 18 incl. tax 1.5 GB Click Here
Telenor DailyYouTube Rs. 8 incl. Tax 500 MB Click Here

Telenor 3 Day Bundle


If you want to active Telenor 3 Day Internet offer. Don't worry Telenor introduced a 3 Day Data Package for its valued customers. In the 3 Day Data offer you will get 1 G Data in Just Rs.44. Active your 3-day bundle and enjoy Telenor 3 Day bundle.

Telenor 3 Day Internet Package

Telenor 3 Day Bundle Rs. 44 incl. tax 1000MB ( 500MB 12AM - 8AM) Click Here

Telenor Weekly Internet Bundle

As we know that Telenor always cares for its valued customers. Telenor also offers weekly internet bundles. Here you will get all the details about Telenor weekly packages. Telenor has many types of internet packages in weekly bundles. You can activate any Telenor internet bundle. Here you will see details about the Telenor Zoom internet offer, Late night internet offer, weekly 6 to 6 Internet offer, weekly super and weekly Ultra internet offers. All packages validity is 7 Days. Choose a suitable package for you and enjoy Telenor 4G Internet services.

Telenor Weekly Internet Package

Weekly Zoom Rs. 80 incl. tax 5000 MB Zoom Click Here
Weekly Late Night Rs. 50 incl. tax30 GB (12AM - 9AM) Click Here
Weekly 6 to 6 Offer Rs. 55 incl. tax4000 MB (6AM - 6PM) Click Here
Weekly Super Rs. 110 incl. tax 4000MB Click Here
Weekly Ultra Rs. 185 incl tax. 8GB + 1GB Goonj Click Here

Telenor Monthly Internet Bundle

If you can not activate Telenor internet bundle on a daily basis then don't worry Telenor introduce Monthly internet packages. You can also activate its monthly social bundle in just Rs. 75 incl. tax. If your usage is high then you can active Monthly Social Plus bundle in just 44.45 incl. tax. Other All monthly internet packages detail is available here. Choose the best monthly internet package and enjoy Telenor 4G High-speed internet.

Telenor Monthly Internet Package

Monthly Social Plus Rs.75 incl. tax Social 5,000 MB SMS: 10,000 Click Here
4G Monthly Ultra Rs. 450 incl. tax 10 GB + 10 GB (12 AM - 8 AM) Click Here
4G Monthly Ultra Plus Rs. 750 incl. tax 25 GB + 25 GB (1 AM - 11 AM) Click Here
Monthly Social Pack Rs. 44.45 incl. tax Social 3000 MB Click Here
4G Monthly Lite Rs. 150 incl. tax 2 GB + 1 GB Social Click Here
Monthly Starter Bundle Rs. 300 incl. tax 8 GB ( 4 GB 1AM - 7AM) Click Here

Telenor Data Sim Bundles

Telenor introduces a 4G Data sim for its valued customer. Now customers can buy a single sim only for the internet. You can not make a call with Telenor 4g Data sim. It's only used for Internet services. Buy a Telenor Data sim today and activate a best Telenor Data sim Package. Here is all the details about Data sim bundle. Telenor offers an only monthly package on data sims.

Telenor Data Sim Packages

4G Monthly Budget Rs 500 9GB Click Here
4G Monthly Starter Rs 750 15GB Click Here
4G Monthly Lite Rs 1500 30+30GBClick Here
4G Monthly Smart Rs 2500 75GB+75GB Click Here
4G Monthly Value Rs 3800 150GB Click Here
4G MonthlyUnlimited Rs 6000 275 GB Click Here
3 Months Bundle 108GB Rs 1500 108GB Click Here
3 Months Bundle 30 GB Rs 1600 30GB Click Here

Telenor Easy Card

Telenor doesn't overlook its prepaid and postpaid valued customers. Telenor introduced an Easy card service for its users. Telenor provides a large service to its prepaid users like postpaid customers. Telenor Introduce Weekly and monthly basis Easy card Packages.


Telenor Easy Cards

Easy Card 130 Rs. 130 1000-50-1500MB Click Here
Easy Card Plus Rs. 175 1500 -60-3GB Click Here
Easy Card Mega Rs.222 2000 -70-10GB Click Here
Easy Card 450 Rs. 400 500 -50-1000MB Click Here
Easy Card 600 Rs. 5303000-150-12GB Click Here
Easy Card 800 Rs. 715 5000-300-18GB Click Here

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